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Kevork Sevadjian

Co-Founder, CEO

Kevork Sevadjian, Co-Founder/CEO: Kevork is the former CEO of Summo Corp., a leading North American automotive parts manufacturer. He was responsible for the companies expansion to Mexico, development of its Technology Center, and eventual sale to a European multi-national in 2016.  Under his leadership, the company became the largest supplier of tubular components for automotive airbags and seat belts and was known as one of Ontario’s most innovative SME’s (Small and Medium-Size Enterprise). Kevork also co-founded Borealis Wood Power in 2012, which went on to successfully install one of Canada’s first biomass power plants in a remote community in northern BC.  In 2016, he was selected by the Ivey School of Business as one of Canada’s Top 40 Entrepreneurs and CEOs.