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We are seasoned entrepreneurs, automotive manufacturing engineers, and industrial automation experts developing unique technology solutions for restaurant kitchens. In doing so, we allow restaurants to enhance their business model and become more resilient for the future.

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Kevork Sevadjian


Kevork is the former CEO of Summo Corp., a leading North American automotive parts manufacturer. He was responsible for the company's expansion to Mexico, development of its Technology Center, and eventual sale to a European multi-national in 2016.  Under his leadership, the company became the largest supplier of tubular components for automotive airbags and seat belts and was known as one of Ontario’s most innovative SME’s (Small and Medium-Size Enterprise). Kevork also co-founded Borealis Wood Power in 2012, which went on to successfully install one of Canada’s first biomass power plants in a remote community in northern BC.  In 2016, he was selected by the Ivey School of Business as one of Canada’s Top 40 Entrepreneurs and CEOs.

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Michele Angelo Verna

Director/Board Member

Michele has held various senior executive roles at global companies such as Walgreens Boots Alliance (Senior Vice President Global Human Resources), Salvatore Ferragamo (Chief HR and Strategic Officer), Techint Group (Executive Board Member and Group Chief Human Resources), and Vodafone (Board Member and CEO at Vodafone Germany). Michele was previously the Professor of Business Creativity and Communication at IULM University of Milan, Board Member of several international companies, and author of many articles and papers on Organization Development, Management, Enterprise Communication, Customer Management, and Human Resources topics.

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Dr. Stephen Veldhuis

Technology Advisor

Dr. Veldhuis is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at McMaster University and Director of McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI). Through his involvement in the MMRI, Dr. Veldhuis has worked with many researchers and industrial partners on leading-edge manufacturing technologies. His areas of interest in high-performance manufacturing include: continuous improvement through Lean initiatives targeting tooling improvements and process development/optimization and Industry 4.0 technologies including process modeling, sensor integration, industrial Internet of Things (iIOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), all of which are applied to realize higher levels of digitization on the shop floor to drive better decision making.

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Andrew Skrepnek


Andrew is the former Director of Innovation and R&D for Summo Corp. Under his leadership, Andrew’s team designed and built high-production manufacturing lines with advanced automation systems. He has long-standing working relationships with the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, and Ohio State University, where he collaborated on new manufacturing technologies such as electromagnetic pulse forming.  He holds several patents on unique tube fabrication applications and is recognized as one of the foremost innovators in his field.

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Aaron Campbell

Lead Design Engineer

Aaron is an innovative designer with previous experience in the automation, forestry, and energy industry. He enjoys using his creativity, technical knowledge, and mechanical aptitude to provide innovative mechanical solutions for the restaurant industries. Aaron is a ‘CAD monkey’ who thrives at bringing concept models to real-world, physical products. He is currently finishing his 4th year of studies at the University of Waterloo’s Mechanical Engineering Program.

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Steve Remilli

Technology Advisor

Steve Remilli is a Project Manager with the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI), with previous work experiences ranging from Manufacturing Support for Military Aerospace to the Design of Automated Handle Systems in Industrial Food Manufacturing.

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Kristian Tazbazian


Kristian is a resourceful self-starter with a versatile skill set in supply-chain management and product design/development. Through his previous work with start-ups, Kristian has direct experience in implementing innovative technologies throughout various industries. He thoroughly enjoys working alongside customers, suppliers, designers, and engineers to make the best products possible.

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Matthew Ortlieb

Intern Mechatronics Engineer

Matthew has a wide range of design experience including competitive robotics, home automation systems, and medical product development. He was previously the Lead Hardware Engineer for a company developing eye/movement tracking systems that are used for vision care and patient rehabilitation. Matthew also has first-hand experience in the fast-food industry and extensive knowledge of existing food technology solutions. Matthew is currently working towards a post-secondary Mechatronics Engineering Degree.

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