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By merging robotics, smart kitchen appliances, and an advanced software suite, Gastronomous is proud to showcase our fully autonomous, closed-loop system that gives a glimpse into the kitchen of the future.

Gastronomous’ range of automated smart appliances brings innovative technology into the kitchen, including but not limited to - cold storage, preparation, dispensing and cooking.

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Maximum Efficiency and Throughput

Optimizes all orders in queue by parallelizing tasks to ensure maximum efficiency and throughput. Our system is powered by proprietary IP that incorporates order scheduling, an interactive user interface, inventory control, and equipment diagnostics.

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Consistent Quality

Quality is everything for a restaurant brand, and Gastronomous’ products ensure every item is cooked, dispensed, and prepared accurately – EVERY TIME!

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Enhanced Labour Utilization

By alleviating kitchen staff from redundant cooking operations, we allow workers to spend more time at the front of the house interacting with customers.

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Smaller Footprint

Gastronomous’ products utilize a much smaller square footage than existing layouts, allowing restaurants to drastically reduce their store footprint.

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Reduced Waste & Energy Usage

Through accurate portioning and dispensing, we eliminate the vast food-cost variance present in most restaurants today. Moreover, our products are ~60% more energy efficient than current solutions, allowing restaurants to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

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Enhanced Food Safety

The COVID-19 crisis has food safety at the top of mind for many customers. Automation allows for much stricter control of pathogens within the kitchen environment.

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