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The food industry is on the brink of ground-breaking innovation and we're going to be at the forefront of this technological transformation.

Our robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, are allowing restaurants to improve their cost structure, efficiency, and scalability.

Food Quality

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25+ years in the

automotive industry

Previously developed world-leading, automated manufacturing production lines

Applying state of the art innovation practices to commercial kitchens

CAMSC Supplier Certification

We are a proudly certified CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council) company! CAMSC offers national certification, giving Aboriginal and minority owned suppliers access to the leading Canadian network of organizations committed to diverse and inclusive supply chains

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This year's winner designed a ground-breaking

innovation that realizes the kitchen of the

future. This robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution will allow restaurants to improve their cost-structure efficiency and scalability...

Meet The Team

Our Founding Team Members (Kevork & Andy!) hail from the Automotive Manufacturing Industry, where their business grew to become the largest North American supplier of seating, airbag, and seatbelt components for the likes of General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and many more


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Mobarrat Shahriar

Product Design Engineer

Mobarrat has garnered vast experience as an autopilot and electronics product design engineer at Tesla along with several consulting roles in case competitions. He has a strong hold of SolidWorks, GD&T, Tolerance Stack-Up, CATIA and MATLab, to name a few.


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Joshua Madero

Research and Development Engineer

Joshua is a self-motivated, lifelong learner with expertise in mechanical design, thermal analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and structural simulations. He has previously worked on designing and launching smart kitchen appliances.


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Kevork Sevadjian

Co-Founder / CEO

Kevork is the former CEO of Summo Corp., a leading North American automotive parts manufacturer. He was responsible for the company's expansion to Mexico, development of its Technology Center, and eventual sale to a European multinational in 2016. 


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Andrew Skrepnek

Co-Founder / CIO

Andrew is the former Director of Innovation and Research & Development for Summo Corp. Under his leadership, Andrew was responsible for developing Summo’s Technology Center where he developed a team of mechanical, mechatronics, and controls engineers to design and build high-production manufacturing lines with advanced automation systems. 


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Kristian Tazbazian

Co-Founder / COO

Kristian is a resourceful self-starter with a versatile skill set in supply-chain management and product design/development. Through his previous work with start-ups, Kristian has direct experience in implementing innovative technologies throughout various industries.


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Francesco Rao

Engineer for New Concept Development

Francesco possesses great lengths of experience in both mechanical and electrical engineering, allowing him to lead many of Gastronomous’ electro-mechanical research and development projects. Francesco co-led the development of a custom industrial 3D printer, where he programmed/improved existing features and developed a custom data-logging system.

Business Development

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Karl-Michael Aumann


Karl is a determined go-getter, never hesitating to boldly take the first step into the unknown. With an addiction to high-growth technology companies, Karl co-founded a deep-tech startup (which was incubated and accelerated at Centech Montreal) before joining the Gastronomous Team.

Board Member

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Michele Angelo Verna

Board Member / Director

Michele has held various senior executive roles at global companies such as Walgreens Boots Alliance (Senior Vice President Global Human Resources), Salvatore Ferragamo (Chief HR and Strategic Officer), Techint Group (Executive Board Member and Group Chief Human Resources), and Vodafone (Board Member and CEO at Vodafone Germany).

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Dr. Stephen Veldhuise

Advisor (Technology)

Dr. Veldhuis is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at McMaster University and Director of McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI). Through his involvement in the MMRI..


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Wayne Isaacs

Advisor (Finance)

Wayne has had a 30-year career in international business and Canadian capital markets. During this tenure, Wayne was involved in 30 listed companies and has served as a director and/or senior officer of over 35 listed companies.


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Neil Ortlieb

Advisor (Business Development)

Neil is the former Vice President of Global Operating Performance for CSA Group, a leading standards organization focused on product safety and testing. Neil was responsible for driving improvements across CSA’s testing, inspection, and certification business.


Developing state of the art technology with industry leaders



FANUC is the world’s largest industrial robot manufacturer, with over 600,000 robots installed worldwide. Gastronomous is an exclusive Authorized System Integrator (ASI) of FANUC Robots for the Kitchen Automation space in North America. Our founders have had a longstanding relationship with FANUC since 2007.” 


If you are passionate about developing meaningful technology that creates meaningful solutions, then Gastronomous is the place for you! By joining our team, you will be immersed in a dynamic and thought-provoking environment that tests your capabilities and pushes you to new heights.

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