We’re bringing smart,  AI powered solutions to the heart of QSRs – the kitchen.


Elevate the QSR experience by retrofitting kitchens with autonomous solutions that deliver consistent food quality in half the time, every time.


100+ years of combined automation & automotive manufacturing experience. 30+ years of combined executive leadership at multi-billion dollar QSR brands.

Established in 2020, Gastronomous is a collective of passionate industry experts in AI engineering, and foodservice. We know automation, and we know restaurants. Together, we’re bridging the gap by bringing smart, AI powered solutions to QSR kitchens across the continent.

Shape the future of QSR’s with us.

“Our mission is to bring industrial-level automation solutions to solve the problems facing the quick serve restaurant industry today in the back-of-house.  We’ve automated factories in the past, and now we are automating commercial kitchens.”

Kevork Sevadjian

Chief Executive Officer

Gastronomous. Where your career meets passion.

Gastronomous. Where your career meets passion.